from by Carly Howard

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isn't falling supposed to feel kinda good
i run to you even though i know i shouldn't
and i bet you're wearing that shirt that i like
that reminds me of christmas
and snowfall under yellow light

lately i've been waking up on too many rainy days
in this desperate, oh how much i miss you, i hate this phase
and i'm wearing that shirt that you like
with that weird raccoon fox guy who has the fancy big blue eyes

and i know i don't own you and i know we're not together
and probably never really were in the way you would ever see it
but the space is so big and i ask only one thing
will you smile when you remember me

i knew it was bound to happen one day
if i didn't fight for you then you'd get carried away
and now she's wearing a dress that you like
and it makes you feel the same way
as the night with the fireflies
when we woke up early and the fog covered the pond
and the lights were all twinkling
and we could still hear the frogs

you've been gone for a while now
but i am still remembering
i hope you smile when you think of these things

i think i saw you on the train the other day
and i gave you this awkward i-dont-know-if-you-see-me kinda wave
and your hair was much longer and you were wearing that orange backpack
that you carried all my books in when i was sick and high on cough syrup
you held my hand cuz i thought i might fall over
and it felt so warm even though i'd never been colder

so i guess i'll say that one cliche line
i hope you smile when i cross your mind


from Overgrown, released August 3, 2013
written and performed by: Carly Howard
guitar, electric piano: Carly Howard
bass, guitar: Tyler Phillips




Carly Howard Brooklyn, New York

Carly Howard is a Brooklyn-based theatre artist and singer/songwriter. This is her first album release. Overgrown is based on her last theatre piece about a vegan plant eating a guy. Expect to hear trumpet, violin, cello, clarinet, ambient guitar, and girl on girl harmonies. What?! ... more

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